We own and operate two main format high definition shooting kits, for broadcast quality production. Sony PMW-500 & Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 Cameras, in addition a Canon 5D Mk2 Large Sensor Camera with External ProRes Recorder can be supplied where the look of a large sensor camera in this budget range is requested.

Cameras are selected depending on job / client requirements and the day rate varies depending on which equipment is supplied. In addition to the cameras owned by me, links rental houses enable me to provide any other common format.

I can also provide a Macbook Pro, to facilitate off-loading and backing up rushes, logging and basic edits if required.

For further information, click on the name of each item highlighted below and you will be taken to the manufacturers product page for that item.

Sony HD PMW-500 XDCAM Camera. 50mbps 4:2:2. BBC Approved.
Can Record – HD 1080P (23.98, 25, 29.97, 50i, 59.94i) – 720P (25P, 50P) – SD DVCAM (25, 29.97, 50i, 59.94i)
Panasonic AJ-HPX3100 P2 for 50 and 100 Mb/sec data rates.
Canon HJ 11 x 4.7 w/a lens
Canon HJ 22e x 7.6 standard lens
Arri folow focus
Chroziel Mattebox
TV Logic HDMI 5″ Monitor (Location Use)
Sachtler Video 18 Tripod Kit with light / heavy duty legs
Libra Pro Zoom Demand
17″ Panasonic HD Monitor (Studio Use)

Additional items:
Canon 300/600 T2.8 telephoto lens with B4 mount for above
Go Pro HD Hero 2 kit with extensive range of mounts
2 metre Jib arm
Hollywood Micro Camera dolly
Ladder dolly

Nanoflash 50mbps+ 4:2:2 External Recorder.

On Set DIT Kit with Mac or PC Laptop and hard drive for backing-up footage.

Canon 5D MK 2
Canon 24-105 F4 Lens
Canon 70-200 F4 Lens
15mm Arri mount with rails and support rig for studio and shoulder mount
Arri Follow Focus
Selection of Formatt Filters (Nd grads, Polariser etc.)
Optional Nanoflash 50mbps+ 4:2:2 External Recorder.
CF cards and batteries\

lighting kit 3 Arri 800 watt
2 Arri 650 1 Arri 150
fresnel Chimera softbox
3 x 800 W Totalights
battery portable lighting sets
2 way radios
various grips accessories


With sound kit for single man working.